Contagious - Foundry Songs Volume 2 - Music CD/DVD

Manufacturer: Harvest Sound Productions
Price: $14.00

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Contagious - Foundry Songs Volume 2

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This music celebrates God’s love, Sensational Music straight from God’s Heart!
Jeff M. Richfield –

"While these are finely built worship songs are executed by men who are masters of their craft, they are also eminently accessible to the rest of us. I had the pleasure of experiencing many of them in live worship soon after they were conceived, and they translate wonderfully to the studio. Whether you use this music for private worship or a group setting, the irresistible hooks and anointed lyrics will help lead you into a deeper relationship with Christ."
Mike Toth – Police Officer / Minister

“A warm and inviting call to worship. Passionately made by
God-loving musicians.”
Bryan – Minnesota

“A rich composite of excellent music, profound wisdom, and pure worship. You feel clean and rejuvenated after one listen.”
John – Rhode Island

“Foundry Songs Volume 1 has some amazing worship songs! My favorite track is ‘Contagious,’ but I would definitely recommend buying the whole album.”
Nicholas – Colorado

“As soon as I started listening to this CD the atmosphere changed!
Whatever I was feeling prior to listening immediately shifted to an
attitude of praise as I remembered the LORD’s goodness and
faithfulness, which was presented in the music!
Callie – Tennessee