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Foundry Raw Volume 1 CD/DVD Set
From the beginning, these Spirit-Born songs touched and changed those who pioneered The Foundry, and to this day they still carry the same potency and power. Nearly twenty years after this ministry began, a few 20-somethings dug up the old, original “Foundry songs” and experienced first-hand their value and timeless anointing. Not only did they desire to share these special songs with the rest of the world, but to carry on what their Foundry fathers plowed for many years prior.

Thus Foundry Raw was born!

What you see and hear in this project are the songs that fueled the Foundry fire all these years.

"I Can Feel It"

"King of Kings"

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“I feel the Holy Spirit all over this WHOLE ALBUM, but "I Can Feel It" touched my heart in such a deep and special way! I feel like this song is part of awakening a new sound and song for my generation!! I'm completely wrecked!” -Kate Mackenzie


“Foundry Raw is quite possibly the best, new, organic form of worship to God that I've ever heard.  It's so apparent that this group of young people truly are discovering what it looks like to be in the essence of his presence.” -Maise


“I believe foundry raw is a remarkable album that has an organic, natural sound that has not been heard anywhere on planet earth. I highly recommend this to those ears who want something new & fresh.” -Ali


“Foundry Raw is incredible!  The praise and worship on this album is anointed and brings you into the presence of God.  A couple of my favorites are King of Kings and Eye Has Not Seen.  Foundry Raw is definitely raw, organic, and genuine.” -Marie


“Foundry Raw is an anointed album for sure.  I get chills every time I watch "King of Kings."  This project contains a wide variety of songs that is sure to bless you in every mood.  I love the authenticity - you can feel it!” -Elisabeth


“‘Foundry Raw' is a work of art, and seriously one of the most unique projects I've ever heard. The combination of sound, art, dance and God's presence totally captivates me. I would recommend this music for anyone- you will be touched by heaven!!!" -Michelle, Nashville


"I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT VOLUME!!!!!!!!!!!" -Courtney, Alabama


"It overwhelms me with joy that the 'heart behind the art' is young people pushing along what their spiritual fathers have begun. When I watch these excellent music videos, I can feel the unity and honor between generations. 'Foundry Raw' is healing for the times we're in!" -Marla, Tennessee


“Foundry raw is incredibly real and sobering. I love how it is a worship album that has not only worship songs but other forms of worship like art and dance. It is refreshing to see such young creative people so lit up for the Lord!” -Kiel, Denmark


"This is such a wonderful combination of art, music, dance! Such creativity inspires me to go after my own and harness what I am capable of! Thank you Lord" -Alexander, Florida


"Where has this been all my life??? This is INCREDIBLE!!! My favorite, out of all these amazing pieces, would be I Can Feel It. It has a psychedelic groove to it that makes me want to hear it over and over again!" -Richard, Tennessee 


“Foundry Raw creates an intense, rhythmic sound that resignates with all generations. The rich melodies are filled with catchy phrases that stay with me all day long!” -Lei, Nashville


“I love the vision behind this project so much, not to mention the music and the videos. It's a great example of the blending of generations and the honoring of spiritual fathers and their creativity. The music and the visual arts and dance flow out of a place of  true worship. It's a blessing to be able to share in the experience.” -Edison, Tennessee


“'Foundry Raw' is full of anointed music by incredibly talented artists. I LOVE it!!!” -Summer, Tennessee


“I get goosebumps on every song! It's such a powerful CD!” -Maria, Texas



“This album is such a unique undertaking, and its something that I would like to see more of in the future.” -Chris, Denver


“Foundry raw is a beautifully orchestrated example of genuine, raw, artistry. All of the songs on this album are wonderful; I am especially fond of the song titled "Kiss The Son". It does an amazing job lyrically capturing and illustrating the fathers heart for His sons an daughters. Listening to this album; I was personally impacted on so many levels and I would suggest it for anyone and everyone!” -Ahriel


“I enjoy Foundry Raw so much! It's nice to hear some great acoustic tunes. No Eye Has Seen is my fav” -Michael from Ohio


"Anointed. Straight up anointed." -Jared, Bowling Green, KY


“Foundry Raw is filled with heart songs that have been passed down to the generations for years. The genuine and fervent worship draws me into the presence of God every time it's played!” -Anna, TN


“Foundry Raw is very fresh and unique. I love the journeys that each song takes me on and there's a really special flow to the whole album. Five stars!” -Jamison, TN


“This album is an eclectic journey for the senses. When watching these videos, I feel like part of the family. 'Foundry Raw' has a really precious and special vibe...never felt that before!” -Callie


“I've never heard anything that was so full of life! It's so colorful with all sorts of different dynamics, you can't help but enter in!” -Kassi


“Hi Scott, Jeff here. Awesome DVD. Best I've see in years!”


“Been listening to the CD. best mix I have ever heard it's phenomenal music is great too!”