Lou Engle Devotions Volume 1 - Music CD/DVD

Manufacturer: Harvest Sound Productions
Price: $12.00

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Lou Engle Devotions Volume 1

“And I heard a SOUND from Heaven like the roar of rushing waters and like a loud peal of THUNDER. The sound I heard was like that of harpist playing their Harps.”
(Rev. 14.2)

The New CD from Lou Engle "Devotions" is an extraordinary journey in intimacy and prayer.
Join in on the spiritual experience as Lou picks up the guitar and burst forth with spontaneous song and prayerto His Lord! It is raw and real… takes you there!

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"Lou Engle…a real friend of God. The unique sound of a worshiping prophet combined with the heart of an intercessor has caused this wonderful CD to become my personal favorite. I highly recommend it to those who are in search of something authentic and pure in worship."
Karen Wheaton – The Ramp, AL

"There are few worship CD’s that have impacted me as much as Lou Engle’s worship CD. From the first song, I could immediately feel the Presence of God hit me. I would play this CD in my prayer time and every time it broke open the heavens. This CD is not just a collection of good songs but it is a journey of worship birthed out of more then twenty years of worship and intercession from a man who is burning with passion for God. In a simple but powerful way, Lou welcomes us into his personal prayer closet to experience the glory of God. I began to give this CD to friends of mine and began to hear testimonies of people who put it in their car’s CD player and had to take it out because the Presence of God was so thick in the car they were having a hard time driving. If you are hungry for a fresh encounter with God and a pure worship experience, then this CD is for you."
Banning Liebscher – Jesus Culture Director of Bethel Church, CA

"It is my favorite CD because it takes me out of this realm and into another place. It brings me into a place where the worry’s of this world fade away and I begin to see from God’s perspective. It draws me into communion with Him… and it ignites greater love for the Lord. If you want to enter into a place of true and deep worship "Devotions" will bring you there. I am extremely excited about this CD. I hope you can get it… and experience it!"
Celeste Toth – Woman’s Ministry, Canada

-“These songs move me to pray. Each track is marked with the authenticity of faith and invite listeners into a new level of intimate intercession.” -Callie


-“Heartfelt and beautiful, this album will take you to the secret place with God quickly!” -Austin


-"Lou Sings" is a reflection of the heart of David - the heart of a worshipper. If you want to be compelled to fall madly in love with Jesus all over again, this will surely do you good!” -Courtney