Pure Life Revolution - Music CD/DVD

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Pure Life Revolution

There is a pornographic plague that is destroying an innumerable amount of people and families. Conversely, there is a global purity movement that is sweeping the Church clean.

This CD is a compilation that documents three years of a grass roots movement that started in Nashville, Tennessee. It became a massive groundswell on the morning of the Nashville Call of 7/7/07. Almost 30,000 people from all over the nation(s) mobilized and walked down Church Street in silent repentance for the sins of the church in America. It was historic! The sounds, songs, stories, prophecies and prayers that you hear on this recording have all come out of many days and nights of prayer and fasting.

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- “The first time I listened to this album I had to quit everything I was doing and start worshiping the Lord. It took me on a journey as song after song went straight to the core of issues dealt with deep inside me. I was so moved by the honesty and transparency on this album. Don't miss your opportunity to get this album. You NEED to experience this." -Chris, Arkansas


- “This CD is raw, real, and relevant to our times. These tracks not only make you want to change, but make you EXCITED for change! This CD changed me for good. I know for a fact that there is nothing like it.” -Jay, Canada


- “This CD touches your heart and even if you think you can’t relate... you totally can! This CD hits topics that everyone is affected by!!! And dang! It goes where no one has gone before on a CD! Shoot!” -Sam, California


- “I can't say enough about this CD!  This is the growing heartcry of a generation--of all those who had once believed in what is good and had high standards, and have been brought down by discouragement and been taught that those ideals are not truly real or possible.  This CD rekindled so many things in my heart that had been lost--the drive I had when I was first saved to live a pure life, which was drowned even by those around me in the church and not valued or seen as possible.  This CD imparted back to me the hope, the desire, the vision and the value--and the strength and ability to live it out.  YOU HAVE TO HEAR THIS CD!  I can't recommend it enough.  It seriously changed my life.  And it kicks butt.  You just have to hear it.” -Logan Savion, California


- “This cd has been a huge blessing to me for the past few years. I love it! Whenever I need encouragement or feel like interceding for purity I put on a couple songs and just let it stir my heart. It's an extremely passionate and tangible expression of God's heart for sexual wholeness and purity in the church. Listening to this album is truly an experience like non other and I can't wait until more and more music and testimonies like this are released!” -Austin, New Jersey


- “The Pure Life Revolution album is something I would strongly recommend to our current generation.” -Jennie Bryant, California


- “I would say... the ‘Pure Life Revolution’ CD... caused the spirit within me to rise up, be alert and be equipped for war.” -Angela Schultheis, Pennsylvania


- “I believe God will bring justice but also, I believe through prayer and partnering with God, we could have a worldwide Pure Life Revolution- a ‘God-version’ of the Free Love of the 1960’s. Wouldn’t the enemy hate that!” -Jeri Johnson, Tennessee


- “This CD personally calls out to me to come to a place where nothing matters except giving everything I have to see God’s purposes fulfilled in the earth; especially in my generation... It gives me purpose to live pure and holy, not compromising anything but pleading the blood over every area where we’ve messed up.” -Joseph Miller, Montana


- “Wow, what a great CD! Just the name, ‘Pure Life Revolution’, says so much. A revolution of men and women, young and old, choosing a life of purity and a lifestyle of being a warrior against the filth and garbage that has dared to show its face in this generation that is sick and tired of living in bondage!” -John Willert, Wyoming


- “Listening to the testimonies on this CD, I could not help but cry. My heart breaks for the lost, and those who are impacted by the immorality of others.” -Matthew Davenport, Tennessee


- “This CD really goes deep and focuses on the sexual sins occurring within this generation.” -Jordan Fremgen, New Jersey


- “Pure Life Revolution touched my heart in a way that I never knew a CD could!” -Casey, Mississippi


- “The testimonies sharing what these young people have gone through are amazing. They’re what people need to hear to know that they’re not alone. They bring so much freedom and just listening to them breaks something off inside of me.” -Danielle, Canada


- “This CD takes you through a journey of purity! It talks about stuff that nearly no one talks about in the church! I could even experience how it impacts other nations. When you allow it to change your life, it will set you on fire for the fight for purity!!!“ -Matthias, Switzerland


- “This CD creates an eye-opening awareness to the epidemic of pornography. It inspired urgency in me, an urgency for purity and consecration. While listening, I realized that purity has to begin in me before it can be expected outside of the church walls.” -Callie, Tennessee


- “The power, purity and very essence of the Holy Spirit has been the inspiration for this music. You can’t help but be blessed as you listen!” -Mary-Kathryn, Recording artist


- “Pure Life Revolution is a word that everyone must hear, then do. With great joy I highly recommend this album to you! This thing has the hot sauce on it! If we desire to see God in every area of our lives, then there must be purity in every area of our lives. The amazing news is that through Jesus, purity is possible!” -Rick Pino, Fire Rain Ministries


- “Filled with testimonies and powerfully anointed music, this CD will inspire and impart a passion for purity & holiness in the listener. Don't get one copy, get 10 and share them! Release a Pure Life Revolution!" -Richy Clark, Radiant Worship


- “Pure Life Revolution is a tool of freedom. If Paul could pray over a handkerchief, send it to a city and the people who touched it were healed, why not a CD? The pornographic plague sweeping across this nation is reality, but so is freedom. This CD is a real tool of freedom that the Lord is using to set this generation free.” -Micah Walley


- “Pure Life speaks to the core of major problems which the church wants to keep under the rug. But smothering them has only made it worse and worse. The church needs to be the spotless PURE bride of Jesus! Let's take back the nation for purity and holiness! This CD is a must get!” -Davina


-“This album gets in your face, your business and every secret place inside. There is a time coming where every deed will be exposed, so we might as well deal with our dark issues now. ‘Pure Life Revolution’ is a surgical tool in God’s hand to remove the cancer of impurity from the body of Christ.” -Courtney


This album gives my heart hope, everything said in the songs is exactly what I needed to hear. Songs like ‘Washing Over Me’ and ‘The Standard’ make me feel so clean inside and excited about being pure. This record is more than just songs and testimonies, it’s a powerful and potent war cry for purity.” -Austin Daniel


It’s about time. It’s about time someone called out the hideous monster that has been lurking in the computer-rooms of the young men of the church. It’s time to call this beast out by name, and vanquish him once and for all. How long is the church going to tolerate the spirit of Jezebel perverting her warriors? It stops now, and Pure Life Revolution is the first of many steps that it will take to annihilate the church’s biggest demon - internet porn. Fantastic modern music of all styles mixed with the prolific testimonies of very real people, this album is more than just a compilation of songs. It’s a war cry. Buy it, and join the army.” -finally_here


The spirit of intercession deff. rests on the tracks in which Lou Engle prays!” -Breadster


I remember when I listened to this CD for the first time! I desired purity in my life so much, because it changed my heart! It gave me insight to how God wanted to use my generation! This CD challenged my life!” -Dia’s Gotta Story


It takes awareness to a whole new level! There is no sugar coating anything, and the testimonies and songs are very raw as well as healing. Hooray for a pure generation!!’ -Sarahmac1


This CD will definitely grab you and spill words of wisdom into your brain! I personally was very challenged and blessed by this CD, it’s not fooling around, it’s serios real life stuff. I LOVE IT.” -Blazin Leah


WOW. It’s time to WAKE UP. THIS ALBUM IS A MESSAGE FOR ALL TO HEAR! The purity oozes out of the CD, penetrating those who listen. It has brought such a healing to my heart, light and fire to my daily walk, and awakening to my spirit. This is truly a revolutionary album.” -court_life


When I first listened to this cd all the way through i was driving to The Call California back in the fall of 2008... a 7 hour car ride and this cd was the main thing i listened to. This cd hits your heart and even if you think you cant relate... you totally can!” -Promised Laugh


This is what our generation needs. It’s upfront, raw and real. Our culture is in a state moral decay, when will we raise the standard and fight back? Get Real, Get Pure, Get Life!” -Pfhilip


what an amazing CD! touched my heart in many ways a must get CD for anyone who struggles with purity!” -Mr. Google


This CD totally gave me a new perspective on how I view purity, especially in the church. It is not an option, its essential. If you want to be blown away by the power of purity, I strongly suggest you buy Pure Life Revolution... what are you waiting for?” -lizz_izz_me