The Well - Sarah Macone - Music CD/DVD

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The Well - Sarah Macone

Sarah Macone's debut album "The Well" is long awaited and full of INCREDIBLE songs. Each track carries the weight of deliverance, restoration, and refreshing derived from seasons of the well cultivated in Sarah's life. These anointed songs lavish praise to the King and invite the presence of God in worship settings as well as personal devotional times.

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  1. The Best Part
  2. Stay
  3. Can I Tell You
  4. The Rest Of My Life
  5. Let It Be
  6. You That I Love
  7. You Chose
  8. The Well
  9. Tabernacle +
  10. Round and Round
  11. Thunder Songs
  12. Cry
  13. Surrounded
  14. Blissful Memories*
  15. Show Us The Way*

All songs were written by Sarah Macone and Scott MacLeod.

[+] written by Sarah Macone, Jay Hawley, & Scott MacLeod.  [*] written by Sarah Macone.

What others are saying about this album:

I love this album! It's incredibly deep and comes from hours and hours of intimacy and time with The Lord! I would highly suggest purchasing this album for 2 reasons: 1. It's amazing! 2. Sarah Macone is amazing and is worth supporting!

-Maddie, California


I cannot speak highly enough about this album. Sarah Macone's The Well is inspiring. Each one of her songs are extremely well crafted and none of them feel like filler. She has hit paydirt with this album, and I can't wait for what she is going to do next!

-Jesse, Ohio


Wow! This album is incredible, and I can definitely say that some of my top worship songs are on here. I love Sarah Macone's style and the beauty of her voice. This is a must buy!

-Davina, Kentucky


Totally fresh, totally dazzling! It's not very often that an album of this quality comes out. The lyrics, the melodies, the production, and the sound of Sarah Macone's voice is just crazy! From the soothing melodies on "Can I Tell You?", to the deliciously chill R&B vibes on "The Well", to the deeply moving poetic chorus of "Cry". It's a non-stop, beautifully crafted worship experience like no other!

-Austin, New Jersey


"The Well" is a watering place for the soul.  Every song quenches a different thirst within the human experience with truth, with wisdom and with worship.  Do your soul a favor and let Sarah's incredible voice and excellent songs draw you into deep, refreshing waters.

-Jessica, Virginia


This album is great! Each song has its own way of catching not only my ear but my heart as well. I can see myself enjoying it for years to come.

-Nick, Ohio


Sarah has cultivated such a deep level of intimacy with Lord, you can't help but be drawn into the depth of His heart when you listen to her cd. It is incredibly beautiful and unlike anything I've ever heard before!

-Kassi, California


Usually an album has a couple 'great' songs, and the rest are just 'good' songs. EVERY song on Sarah Macone's "The Well" is a GREAT song!

Courtney, Tennessee