All to You - Songs of Thunder Volume 2 - Music CD/DVD

Manufacturer: Harvest Sound Productions
Price: $14.00

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All to You - Songs of Thunder Volume 2
- “This CD contains the long-awaited compilation of profound songs that have come from the Thunder movement.  These tunes are written by graduates of the Thunder School Nashville, TN.  What a joy it is to work and create with such brilliant unique artists!  They are wonderful & Thunderful! Enjoy!" -Scott MacLeod

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- “This album is very diverse. Every song has a little something different every time so many can enjoy. As soon as I bought the album I couldn't put it down. Amazing album! Check it out!” -Seth, Tennessee


- “Usually albums have two or three good songs, and then a whole bunch of filler. But this album is amazing. It's slammed FULL of incredible songs. Each one of them is powerful and moving. You can expect to be seeing these songs in churches across the world -- watch out for this album, it's going to be a big deal.” -Logan, California


- “Songs Of Thunder 2 ‘All To You’ is quite possibly the best worship album I've ever heard! It's all from the heart - you can't find anything else like this out there. Buy this now...” -Corey, Tennessee


- “From start to finish this is an incredible album. It's powerful, deep, honest, and best of all: it's all for Jesus! I get so caught up in the beauty of God when I listen to this album. The title track ‘All to You’ has an incredibly catchy rhythm that will totally get stuck in your head. ‘You are My Life’ has a funky 70's feel and one of the most memorable bridges I've ever heard! Then it moves on to something like ‘The Well’, which has a very soothing, R&B vibe with deeply moving lyrics that flow along so nicely. This is the best album Harvest Sound has put out to date and you shouldn't miss it!” -Austin, New Jersey


- “Songs of Thunder 2 is by far the best album to come from Harvest sound yet. Its melodies are rich and catchy, the songs are diverse enough to keep your attention, and the marriage of modern and old school styles compliment it all.” -Nick, Ohio


- “This is a fantastic album. Many great artists came together and pulled off a truly wonderful and diverse album.” -Chris, Colorado


-“Another rockin’ album from Harvest Sound. Definitely one of their best yet!”  -Jesse, Ohio


- "This album is nothing short of a journey. Each song is essential in the whole experience!" -Callie, Tennessee


- “This album is an amazing compilation!  Fresh and inspiring songs by super talented singer/songwriters.  If you need encouragement, hope or refreshing, this CD is a great pick!” -Jessica, Virginia


- “What can I say about this album? There really are no words. I love the creativity from all the artists, it takes me into deep worship with Jesus, not to mention Harvest Sound produces some of my favorite music! Definitely check this out!” -Davina, Kentucky


- “The best way to describe this cd is 'deep waters'.  Every song takes the innermost thoughts of man and puts it into words that any one could relate to and use to express their own heart cries.  It washes away confusion and brings rest. I love it!!!” -Kassi, California


- “Songs of Thunder Vol. 2 is incredibly unique, versatile, and can be enjoyed for ANY setting!!! If I want to be pumped up with Heaven’s joy, chilled out in God’s presence or just have something to delight my soul while cleaning the house, Songs of Thunder Vol. 2 always fits the occasion and sends me soaring above my circumstances!” -Courtney, Tennessee


- “This is definitely my favorite Harvest Sound album. I love all the artists individually, so it is cool that they are all on one compilation together.” -Jordan, New Jersey


- “I LOVE this album! It’s such a sweet “musical journey” with the Lord, and I can’t wait to listen to it again for like the 100th time! Enjoy!” -Sarah, North Carolina